The Lions Club of Pokhara Annapurna has been involved in many humanitarian services, made possible through the financial assistance of multiple agencies from many countries. With these funds, we have been able to complete various necessary projects, including:

  • The construction of seven schools to date.
  • The completion of three drinking water projects.
  • The construction of two bridges to ease the pains of isolation, including one bridge which enabled children to access their school.
  • The purchase of school furniture.
  • The construction of the Lions Club Service Centre.
  • The creation of a local children’s park. 
  • The establishment of a science laboratory. 
  • The distribution of educational materials at the cost of $140,000 USD.

The driving force behind all these projects was the alleviation of some of the social problems evident in the local area, with the primary focus of eradicating illiteracy in Nepal’s remote villages. The literacy rate in Nepal is very low. Consequently, many children end up working as labourers, which limits their opportunities and prevents them from furthering their education. The Lions Club of Pokhara Annapurna aims to enable the children and youth in the area to access a full education, which will support them to benefit from further opportunities.

After the completion of many successful projects, Mr Ong of Seragoon Junior College, Singapore, was generous enough to support the reconstruction of a run down school in a remote village near Pokhara. The Shree Mangala Secondary School is located in Soti Pasal, in the Lamjung district. The original building was constructed of stone and mud, and had no proper doors, windows, ceiling or furniture. The school was the only secondary school in the district, and was attempting to provide education to the 30,000 people residing in the area.

With the support of Mr Ong, this school has been reconstructed and can serve as a successful institute of education for the area. Mr Ong Such Chee kindly donated $15000 USD from Seragoon Junior College, in Singapore. $3000 USD were collected from the local area. 

On the 6th of December, 1999, the students and teachers from Seragoon Junior College, Singapore, were formally invited to the handover ceremony of Shree Mangala Secondary School. 

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