What is a Lions Club?

To be a Lion is to serve.

Lions serve across the world, and have done since the inception of Lions Club International in 1945. Our founding father was Melvin Jones. The Lions Club International helped with the United Nations Charter for Non Governmental Organisations, and maintains active relationships with Unesco, Unicef, and other United Nations Agencies. 

With 1.4 million members serving in 47000 clubs across more than 200 countries and geographic areas, the Lions family is a large one. We are proud to be the world’s largest volunteer service organisation. To be a Lion is to give something back to your community through direct action. Lions can also mobilise world wide resources and manpower to help their neighbours. Our official motto is “we serve”. This service takes many forms, and is present in emergency situations and everyday life. For more information, please visit www.lionsclubs.org