May Earthquake Support Timeline

3rd May 

A team of Lions from the Lions Club of Pokhara Annapurna went to inspect the affected buildings in the Puranchaur village, Kaski. We have also provided relief materials, worth 150,000 rupees, to the Gorkha district. This district is 70km from Pokhara. This was coordinated by Lion Dr. Gopi Lal Shrestha.

5th May 

We have provided 100 sets of relief materials to Pakuwa, in the Parbat district, which is 70km from Pokhara. This was worth 300,000 rupees. We have also provided thirty five sets of relief materials to the Gorkha district, which is also 70km from Pokhara (worth 100,000 rupees).

7th May 

We have distributed 30,000 rupees worth of new clothes to the children who were accommodated at Kalawang Ghaderi Tamu Samaj, Birauta, Pokhara, following the quake.

10th May

A team of Lions went to inspect the affected buildings in Lahachowk village, Kaski.

15th May 

We have distributed another truck of drinking water (worth 100,000 rupees). This truck went to Barpa Gorkha, from Pokhara.

16th May 

We have distributed relief materials to the Lahachowk village, Kaski (worth 50,000 rupees).

22nd May 

We have organised skills training and cash donations for the earthquake victims at Tamu Chi Nepal, Pokhara (worth 30,000 rupees).

28th May 

Our president,  Lion Yadunath Adhikari, has distributed free drinking water to earthquake victims at the Western Regional Hospital, the Gandaki Medical College, the Manipal Teaching Hospital, The Jyoti Vocational Training Centre, the Kalabang Ghaderi Tamu Samaj and The Tamu Dhi Nepal, in Pokhara. The water was worth 200,000 rupees.

Now we are planning rebuilding projects, to rebuild school buildings, community buildings and individual houses and renovate drinking water systems. In the long term, we are planning to provide skills training, for industries such as farming, vegetable gardening, mushroom farming and livestock farming.

Sarangkot Community Building

The Lions Club of Pokhara Annapurna has built a community centre for the Shanti Shamjana Mothers Group. The project was supported by Fordays Co Japan. The aim of building this community centre is to create a space where local women can be trained in making handicrafts. The women will then be able to use the community building as a space to produce local handicrafts, which they can sell to gain an income. The total cost of the project was 2,600,000 rupees.

Sarangkot Village Sewing Class Project

A sewing class is currently been held in the Synapse Work Training Centre (the community hall), which we support financially at the request of the community. The handicrafts will be sold at the Sarangkot Synapse Cafe. The income generated by this cafe will be used to develop Sarangkot and other parts of Nepal as a corporate social responsibility.