Nanyang Technological University of Singapore’s School and Hospital Project.

The Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTUS) has donated benches, desks, stationary and clothes to Shree Jana Prakash Secondary School at Bhandarik Lekhnath Municipality, to the value of 130,000 rupees. NTUS has also donated beds, mattresses, pillows and medication to Beni Hospital, to the total of 50,000 rupees. 

ITE Bishan Singapore’s School and Hospital Project

ITE Bishan has made many generous donations to various Nepali schools. 

A generator, educational materials and clothes were donated to Bhagawati Secondary School at Tirkhe Dunga. Dolls and educational materials were donated to the SOS Kindergarten School in Chhorepatan, Pokhara. New furniture, educational materials, clothes and tracksuits were donated to teachers and students. Sport uniforms were donated to Beni High School. Educational and sports materials were donated to Gyanodaya Primary School, Dhampus, and Birethanti High School. Carpet, educational materials and clothes were donated to Seto Gurans School, which was also painted. The total value of these donations was 520,000 rupees.

ITE Bishan also donated pillows, mattresses, baby cots, steel pans, blankets, medication and other equipment to the maternity wards at Beni Hospital, Myagdi, to the value of 250,000 rupees.

AFORA Deworming Project

In Nepal, many Tibetan villages lack modern facilities, education and awareness about health and education. Therefore, there is a high rate of infection disease. Until now, the Tibetan Exile Government have not been able to initiate any programs to eradicate the health issues. One fatal disease infecting every Tibetan settlement is worms, which are acquired through drinking contaminated water. 

Mr Mark Lindsay connected a member of our club to Mrs Vicki Robert, from the Australian Friends of Rongbuk Association (AFORA). AFORA financed this deworming project at the cost of $1500 AUD. The project aimed to detect and treat worms in the Tibetan children of the Pokhara valley. For this project, we organised free health camps, and invited six different schools.

The schools were:

  • SOS Hermann Gmeiner High School (228 students and teachers)
  • SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School at Tashiling Tibetan Camp (219 students and teachers) 
  • Mount Kailash Tibetan School at Tashi Palkhel Tibetan Settlement (216 students and teachers)
  • Manju Shree Primary School at Paljor Ling Tibetan Settlement (62 students, 5 teachers, 19 adults)
  • Dulai Gauda Primary School (49 students and teachers)
  • Shakya Monastery at Hyangza Village (38 monks)

The team consisted of ten doctors and lab techniques. This team tested and treated the 836 children and teachers at the health camps. We were able to eradicate Protozoa worms in 70% of the people at the camp. The infected children and teachers received free medication and the project successfully treated the disease in many people.

During one health camp, we also detected a more serious case which required further medical treatment. The district hospital in Pokhara was consulted and medication was provided free of charge. The project received immense support from the local Tibetan people, including the camp chiefs. 80% of our members were involved in the project. Were are very happy to have implemented such wonderful work with the assistance of AFORA. We look forward to an ongoing working partnership with them in the future.