Association for Nepal Synapse Self-Reliance Support in Japan

The Association for Nepal Synapse Self-Reliance Support in Japan (ANSSSJ) is a non-political, non-governmental, not for profit humanitarian organisation based in Japan. Established in 2008, the ANSSSJ intends to develop opportunities for women in Nepal to generate an income and contribute to their children’s education.

The ANSSSJ aims to provide basic education for marginalised children and to provide work-training programs for parents who are unable to send their children to school due to a lack of income or employment.

The ANSSSJ also plans to establish local sales branches, enabling the selling of the products made by those who receive such work training. In consequence, the ANSSSJ helps the community to attain a more circulatory, income-generating and sustainable state, where the residents make their everyday lives more self-reliant, autonomous and independent, and a thus able to provide education for their children.

On a long-term basis, the ANSSSJ also helps the Nepali people to conserve their cultural and historical traditions through the realisation of autonomy and cultural embodiment in everyday life.

Sarangkot Village Cafe Project

The new café and restaurant will generate income from the tourists that frequent the area. The cafe will have a section to sell the handicrafts made by local women, which will provide these women with a source of income. The cafe is to be completed by February 2011. The total project cost is 97,086,924 rupees.

Annapurna Lions Children’s Service Centre

The Lions Club of Pokhara Annapurna is planning to provide a free children’s health service in Pokhara at the Lions Children’s Park. The Club has already started construction of the Pokhara Annapurna Lions Service Centre at the cost of $49000 USD. The building will be three stories high.

The first floor will be a shopping complex. The income generated from this complex will be used to maintain the Lions Children’s Park and the children’s health service. This floor has been completed with our own resources, at a cost of $18,400 USD.

The second floor will contain the health service and a public library. This floor has been completed with the support of Prof. Tomio Ozawa, of Kushiro International Soropotimist Japan, at a cost of $15000 USD.

The third floor will be used as a public community hall. This floor has not yet been completed. Prof. Tomio Ozawa opened the first two floors on the 29th of March, 2003. Our Council Chairman, Lion Bodh Bahadur Ruatchetri, was the guest of honour at this event.